Our group conducts fundamental theoretical, computational, and experimental research in the general area of dynamical systems, dynamics and vibrations, and smart and multifunctional materials. We are interested in understanding, modeling, and harnessing nonlinear aspects of multiphysics coupling at different scales for relevant engineering applications.

Our sponsors include the National Science Foundation, the University of Nevada, Reno, as well as local industry sponsors. A list of our current and completed projects can be found below.

Federally funded projects

  • NSF CMMI-1847513: CAREER: Fluid-Structure-Control Interactions in Bioinspired Robots with Actively Morphing Fins, 07/2019-06/2024 (PI: M. Aureli)
  • NSF ECC-1852578: REU SITE: Biomimetic and Soft Robotics (BioSoRo): from Biological Inspirations to Engineered Mechanisms, 04/2019-03/2022 (Senior Personnel: M. Aureli)
  • NSF ECCS-1809852: Collaborative Research: Microengineered electroactive polymer strain sensors towards soft self-powered wearable cyber-physical systems, 08/2018-07/2021 (PI: M. Aureli)

Selected internally funded projects

  • NAASIC 2016 Seed Funding for Interdisciplinary Research: "Environmental sensing using autonomous underwater vehicles", 05/2016-01/2017, (PI: M. Aureli)
  • NAASIC 2016 Seed Funding for Innovations in Autonomous Systems: "Sensing Environmental Change in Freshwater Ecosystems via the Development of Autonomous Water Vehicles", 05/2016-01/2017, (Co-PI: M. Aureli)
  • Differential Fees Committee, UNR: "Acquisition of a High-Performance Computing Cluster", 04/2016-06/2016 (PI: M. Aureli)
  • Office of the VPRI, UNR: Acquisition of Instructional and Research Equipment (AIRE): Nevada Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) and Advanced Manufacturing (AM) Research Infrastructure, 03/2014-02/2015, (Co-PI: M. Aureli).

Industry supported projects

  • EBARA International Corporation, Cryodynamics Division: "Design and Development of a Jet Exducer for Two-Phase Cryogenic Expander", 08/2013-05/2019 (Co-PI: M. Aureli)

Thank you to our sponsors!

Multiphysics Laboratory Sponsors